Find the candidates who match your criteria with Grasp! in Vietnam.

 -Vietnamese candidate staff level, management, IT engineer, and Non-Vietnamese who keen to work in Vietnam- 


Grasp! bridges the companies looking for the candidate who matches with their positions and those keen to work in Vietnam.

+ Companies who can not satisfy with the existing recruitment services in Vietnam

+ Companies who are looking for IT engineer

​+ Job-seekers can not satisfy with the existing job search services.

Feel free to contact us! Grasp! is committed to addressing your Career and Recruitment challenges.

Are you looking for the candidate?


Vietnamese staff level (Multilingual)

We support a wide range of positions, including general affairs, accounting, marketing, IT, etc.


Vietnamese managers/professionals (Multilingual)

We have many cases in introducing Vietnamese candidates from senior expertise to the above position, such as manage, executive, or company representative level.


Vietnamese IT engineer (Multilingual)

We are introducing IT personnel with multilingual language skills who can play an active role in Vietnam and abroad, from staff level to CTO level.


Multilingual non-Vietnamese

We introduce non-Vietnamese candidates who keen to work in Vietnam. Both currently live in Vietnam and live in their country.

Feel free to contact us!


Grasp! will bring you new opportunities in your hiring and job change in Vietnam. 

Takumitsu Kumazawa / Founder
Career Consultant

​Recruitment Consultant

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Ngô Thị Phụng

Career Counselor

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Mai Ho

Career Counselor

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Ngô Thị Phụng

Career Counselor


Fusako Sekine

Sales / Career Consultant

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Yuko Takura

​Recruitment Consultant

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​The recruitment industry in Vietnam is in the progress of the next phase. 

The industry emerged gradually in the late 2000s in Vietnam. Currently, more than 100 recruitment businesses are in operation. Is these highly competitive environment improving their service quality?  Not really, isn't it?

Most of the job search websites seem to only focus on collecting candidates’ data. Many recruitment agencies seem to have trouble retaining their own employees.  Many big names in the industry seem to be driven by achieving their internal KPI goals and forgetting about providing quality services to clients.


We must say that most of the players in this industry are too busy receiving jobs and CVs and forget about improving themselves to be true “agent”.


In order to manage their employees easily, most of the recruitment agencies set the numerical KPI for their employees. The recruiting consultants only focus on how many candidates they get, how many jobs offer they get.

Also, this business relies on the individual. While clients tend to choose service providers by its popularity, the quality of service the clients actually receive depends on which consultant is in charge of you.

Grasp! goes the other way. We are NOT here to manage our company easily. We are here for supporting the client's business success by maximizing their capacity.